Ringtone for a group of people?

Answer I've never heard Hanson, I had to look them up on Wikipedia to find out what you're talking about. I haven't watched "House", but some of my friends like it so maybe I should start.I think for my ... Read More »

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How to Assign a Group Ringtone on My LG Envy?

Using groups on your LG Envy phone can be a useful tool. Separate business, family and social contacts by assigning them to groups. Setting different ring tones for each group will help you to know... Read More »

On AIM, Is there a way to add people from one group to another while keeping them in the original group?

Yeah.. if you open a box to IM them, there is that little add buddy icon (It's the yellow guy with a + I think) and if you hit that, and then pick the group, it will add to that one too. =)

Is there any FREE, no strings attached ringtone site were I can get an Escape the Fate ringtone?

www.myxertones.comthe ringtones are completely free and you can choose what part of the song you want

How to Choose the Right People for Your Spy Group?

It happens.You choose the wrong people for your spy group and they take advantage and blow your cover.Trust me it's not fun. This will tell you how to pick the right people for your spy group!