Ring size question... sizing help?

Answer Neither, the 5.5 will be too tight, and the 8 will be miles too big. Choose another ring, or see if they can order in the correct size for your girlfriend.

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What size would i be in hollister jeans if im a size 12 in regular sizing?

Don't call yourself a fat @ss! I work at Hollister and the jeans run small, you can try an 11 (try some stretchy jeggings) and they might work. They don't sell a size higher than that. I always hav... Read More »

Is this off (Question about bra sizing, so, girls only, please (: )?

Well, you either measured wrong or Target has wrong bra sizes which is probably unlikely! To be sure I would go to Victorias Secret and get a professional fitting to get the right fitting. Theres n... Read More »

What is the size of a discus ring?

A discus ring is a circle that is 2.5 meters (8 feet, 2.42 inches) in diameter. This size is the standard for all levels of competition. The discus thrower must remain in the ring at all times--fro... Read More »

How to Figure out Her Ring Size?

You've finally decided on the perfect engagement ring and are about to place your order when the jeweler kindly inquires what size ring he should make. You pause, begin to sweat, and realize that y... Read More »