Rights of a 15 year old mother?

Answer Answer Talk with Child Protective Services or a school counselor.

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If you have full custody of your 3-year-old son what rights does his mother have and what rights does your new wife have?

Answer The child's mother has visitation rights, which are usually agreed upon by the parents and included in the custody order. Unless there are mitigating circumstances such as abuse. Then visita... Read More »

What rights does a 22-year-old father have if the mother of the child is 16?

AnswerHe already stands a chance of being arrested and charged with statutory rape so his rights became limited when he decided to sleep with the child. He should get a lawyer soon because anyone c... Read More »

How can the mother of a 16-year-old have the father's paternal rights terminated?

Answer The termination of parental rights is done in two ways either voluntarily by the parent(s) or involuntarily by the court.One parent cannot force the other to give up their rights to a child... Read More »

Can a 7-year-old decide if his father should have visitation rights if his mother has full custody?

Answer Seven-year-olds do not make decisions as to custody, that is the responsibility of the judge. A child of that age might be asked his opinion, especially if he has been reluctant in the past ... Read More »