Right side abdominal pain/discomfort, what could it be?

Answer u need a doctor asap...a cbc test...our appendix is located on the right side of our myt be appendicitis. ..or maybe, its dysmenorrhea..and i want to advice, nxt time u may ask again,... Read More »

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What could be a pain in your right abdominal lower side if you are pregnant?

AnswerPains in you abdomen are common in pregnancy. I am a mother of four healthy beautifu children... but carrying theM was painful! As your stomach begins to expand and stretch to accomodate the ... Read More »

What could be causing this: I just got a headache on my right side and my right eye is having vision?

Really Olga,trolling eyecare.Which one is glass?

I have lower back pains,right side pains, pains in right butt cheek down to right leg.What could it be?

It does sound like a bulging disc and sciatica. I have suffered from this for over 20 years. Go to the Doctors or emergency ward at the hospital. They will order Xrays to determine the real cau... Read More »

What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain across whole lower back whole lower abdominal area but worse on the right side of both?