Right side Jaw pain after Wisdom teeth removed?

Answer Maybe its a dry socket? Read up on those and see of your symptoms match. Your oral surgeon can help you fix it :)

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Can I eat ice cream right after I get home from getting my wisdom teeth removed?

Yes, it will be fine to go ahead and eat ice cream. It may not help with bleeding but may help a little with the swelling. Happy healing!

If you just had two wisdom teeth removed on your right side 3 days ago would it be ok to smoke marijuana as an alternative to Tylenol 3 with codeine?

AnswerThey warn about smoking in the first couple of days to prevent dry socket, which is possible. But if it's been three days, and the clot is solid and things are starting to heal, I think you w... Read More »

What is it safe to eat now after I got my wisdom teeth removed?

Mashed PotatoesChicken Ice cream After my third day I started eating anything but was carefully not to mess up my stitches

How long should you have pain after a wisdom tooth extraction and if the stitches were removed early does that add to the period you are expected to experience pain?

Answer Once, one of my wisdom teeth was impacted, so the pain was worse to have it in my mouth than it was after extraction. Sufficed to say, I didn't need anything for pain. Compared to having a ... Read More »