Right shoulder pain.... help!!!?

Answer It sounds like a rotator cuff problem. You should be seen by an orthopedic doctor.…

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Intense right shoulder pain, what is it Please anyone that has a clue, plz answer. Going nuts in pain?

EDIT IN RESPONSE TO YOUR ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Okay, I'm sorry, I thought from your post that you were avoiding the doctor to date and you only did that at first LOL, but have been having it treated... Read More »

Right Shoulder & Arm Pain?

Injury to any of the bones, muscles or nerves in the right shoulder or arm can cause pain. The pain can be described as sharp, dull, achy, acute or chronic. A common injury to the right shoulder an... Read More »

Pain in my right shoulder?

if you did not have accident or over use of your right arm and shoulder, most likely you feel pain when you get up in the morning. your Triceps and Deltoids muscles are in spasm, that where the pai... Read More »

Sharp pain in right shoulder?

I would suggest cold to decrease the swelling in case there's any involved. It could be a sore muscle ortear. Motrin for the pain will also help ease the pain as well as resting the shoulder. If it... Read More »