Right knee pain when walking DOWN the stairs, DOWNhill and normal walking?

Answer Like Duh:o go to a doctor already

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Why does your knee pop when walking?

Crepitus. It usually means there's some joint wear and that the cartilage around the area is rubbing together.

One day you were walking down the street and suddenly leaked enough water to soak the bottom of your underwear during pregnancy it that normal?

Answer No, you should go to the hospital immediately as you and your baby are at risk of infection.

What is the severe pain in the pelvic area when walking after a prenatal exam?

On One Hand: Round Ligament PainDuring pregnancy, pain in the pelvic area can be attributed to the round ligaments stretching. These ligaments support the growing uterus and can become painful as t... Read More »

Walking is good for health - Which time is best walking?

If stray dogs are there in your area better avoid 5.00 a.m. to 6.00 you may run instead of walk once they start chasing.Similarly by mistaken identity somebody may bash or even murder.Walkin... Read More »