Right every1 im going to quit smoking tomorrow please wish me luck?

Answer Right now is a great time to quit, I waited till I was 47now I had Lung Cancer that now has moved to theBrain. Trust in God is what has got me throughit all G... Read More »

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I'm going to quit smoking tomorrow any tips?

My Uncle didn't quit smoking - he just decided not to smoke that day and the day after and the day after...He remained a smoker, and when asked if he wanted to sit in smoking or non-smoking he alwa... Read More »

I going to quit smoking tomorrow.Have any advice?

I'm quitting right now. I have wanted to quit for good for a long time.. I quit and I started up again. What has worked for me is using the patches and when I have a really bad craving just sprin... Read More »

I'm going t quit smoking will you al support me no ignorant or smart answers please?

1 drink a lot of water , more than 1.5 L / D2 don't drink coffee or tea or anything you usually drink while you smoke 3 cut it all at once , don't start redusing4 don't count the days , leave it as... Read More »

Wish me luck,pray for me or something please!?

Father we pray that Krystal's for cancer come back negative, in Jesus name, amen