Right Im just getting more confused.........?

Answer I'm not computer savvy and I had humungous problems installing my wireless connection and it was the simplest thing possible. On the front edge of my laptop is a tiny sliding switch - push it and w... Read More »

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I am so confused! Would like to buy a digital camera and have seen the comparison sites but still confused?

it's difficult within that budget, you may need to rethink and consider bottom level SLR's like the Nikon D40/50. But the first thing you need to do is ignore comparison sites, find a decent local ... Read More »

Help! i am Really really confused !!?

Help I'm confused I need your help?

if you're texting an iPhone you can use the number. For everything else you type in the person's email address that they are using for their iMessage account. You can set up all your iMessage prefe... Read More »

I am confused about which TV to buy?

The 42" 720p TV is perfect for 8-9ft viewing distance! The 40" 1080p TV is better viewed at 4-5ft away!See this:…Plus, the Plasma will have a better pictu... Read More »