Right. I'm getting lots of conflicting info, here, WHO is really a computer expert?

Answer usually if they are designed to be able to stay on - then you can leave it on all day. However, if its an old pc then this poses a fire risk.My advice would be to leave it on and to leave the door ... Read More »

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LM317T pin arrangement Conflicting info:?

With the regulator part number facing you and the tab up on the 317T (TO220 package) the connections from left to right are ADJ, Vout, and Vin. I've posted the link to the manufacturer's data sheet... Read More »

Is there a site an expert in importing excel info into access will remotely help for a fee?

All one needs to do is save the MS-Excel worksheet as a .CSV (comma delimited) file. Do this from the SAVE AS... option, and make sure you change the "Save as type:" box at the bottom of the dialo... Read More »

How come my teachers always says not to use wikipedia when lots of the info is correct?

A lot of it is right, but some of it is wrong. They just don't want you to learn something that isn't correct. Anyone can add details to a Wikipedia entry.

Lots of recipes are available on internet recipe books or cookery shows but less info about eating style?

That's called etiquette and not "style.". There are tons of sites on It.