Ridiculous Questions?

Answer WHAT???? ARE YOU SAYING MY QUESTIONS ARE RIDICULOUS?!!!! GRRR... Just kidding. I do believe that a lot of "askers" ask the dumb or ridiculous questions just to get a rise out of people. Sometimes, ... Read More »

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Isn't it ridiculous how PC everything has got to do with kids?

My 6 year old couldnt get the button on her pants undone to go to the bathroom and the teacher told her the same thing sorry i cant touch you. Well she didnt pee her pants but she ripped them WIDE ... Read More »


You yourself can look at this new meter and see how much you are using at the moment. How did they "calculate" 23 units/day? Have you has your side of the system checked for any leaks?As for the in... Read More »

Most ridiculous comments you ever got?

1. "So you just eat fish, right?"2. "Have some stir-fry-- there's not much meat in it."3. "That means you can't eat nuts, either, doesn't it?"4. "I thought vegetarians were supposed to be thin.... Read More »

Does anybody else think swine flu is ridiculous!!?

The public health authorities are behaving correctly imo, but the hype and hysteria is a bit fishy if anything. It is as if it is being manipulated for political ends..