Ricoh book scanning kit ...................?

Answer They are available commercially, and I am told they cost a lot...

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Best home use scanner for scanning book edge ?

Try the Plustek OpticBook 3800 or OpticBook 4800 if you have a lot of books to scan.…The Plustek 3600 has been discontinued.

I am scanning in photos for a book I am writing. The images look very detailed on screen.?

No, no, no, no, no! If the images look clear on your monitor once you have scanned them in, then you do *not* need to adjust your scanner settings! Why are people answering when they don't know wha... Read More »

How do you put pictures from a disposable camera onto your computer with or without scanning but without scanning would be more helpful?

You bring your disposable camera to a local Walgreens. They can either take the photos out and you would have to scan them or they can put it on a disk from a extra fee.

Ricoh Pro 906 Vs 907?