Rhode Island Rental Laws?

Answer Laws governing tenant agreements exist to protect both parties from being taken advantage of. The state of Rhode Island is very strict when it comes to the rights of each individual, and provides a... Read More »

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Estate Tax Laws in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has enacted an estate tax, or death tax, such that any estate worth more than $850,000 is subject to taxation. The rate of estate taxation in Rhode Island is variable and can reach up ... Read More »

Rhode Island Marijuana Laws?

Rhode Island's marijuana laws have been subject to several attempts at revision and have long been a controversial topic in the state. In 2010, legislative attempts to lessen the penalties for poss... Read More »

Rhode Island Probate Laws?

Each state maintains its own probate laws. These laws govern how a person's property gets distributed after he or she dies. This probate process governs everything from how wills can be created to ... Read More »

Labor Laws in Rhode Island?

The Ocean State has a variety of labor laws that protect workers on the job. Some of these laws are idiosyncratic, such as a law requiring overtime pay on Sundays. Other laws protect children from ... Read More »