Rhianna has any1 on the uk recieved there rhiana tickets yet?

Answer Not going myself - where did you buy them if it was ticketmaster can take up to two weeks.

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How do you get tickets to late night with Jimmy Fallon and how far in advance are tickets released?

Yes which is now teen nick but iCarly is also on Nickelodeon.

Did Chris really hit Rhianna!?

he beat the crap out of her. that bastard should fry. he needs to get his *** beat just like that by someone like the wrestler china. lol

How can i do my make up like rhianna?

Click on this link. It's the YouTube video on how to get the Rihanna makeup look. They eve mention in the beginning that it shows how to get that glowing skin look. This tutorial is perfect for y... Read More »

Who do you thinks better Rhianna or Ciara?