Rewards & Punishments in Teaching Methods?

Answer The use of rewards and punishments as a teaching tool is as widespread as it is controversial among education experts. While some believe they are a useful method to encourage good behavior and con... Read More »

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Rewards & Benefits of Teaching?

Because they love doing it, the time many teachers spend working with children and preparing for each work day can involve the entire day. And contrary to some beliefs, those long hours are not com... Read More »

Overseas Methods of Teaching?

Beginning with the 1995 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), American students have posted lackluster performance in international comparisons of academic achievement. Som... Read More »

Teaching Methods for Adults?

Adults return to the classroom for a variety of reasons to learn new skills or to finish an education they stopped earning years ago. Motivation for adult learners includes unemployment, career adv... Read More »

Fun Teaching Methods for Science?

In an increasingly technology driven world, students benefit more than ever from a strong science foundation. To compete with the stimulation provided by children's multimedia entertainment, scienc... Read More »