Rewards & Punishments in Teaching Methods?

Answer The use of rewards and punishments as a teaching tool is as widespread as it is controversial among education experts. While some believe they are a useful method to encourage good behavior and con... Read More »

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Rewards & Benefits of Teaching?

Because they love doing it, the time many teachers spend working with children and preparing for each work day can involve the entire day. And contrary to some beliefs, those long hours are not com... Read More »

The Appropriate Methods for Teaching ESL?

English as a Second Language teaching methods have changed over the past 50 years, moving from somewhat tedious direct translation methods to more engaging and active teaching methods. Teaching met... Read More »

Methods of Teaching French?

Many students enroll in French courses to learn to speak and understand this popular foreign language. There are various techniques the teacher can use to increase her students' learning while maki... Read More »

Teaching Methods for ESL Students?

Students of ESL, or English as a Second Language, are people who generally are new to the country and who speak a language other than English as their native tongue. The classroom environment can b... Read More »