Rewards & Consequences for the Third Grade?

Answer Third-graders are old enough to understand that their actions have consequences, positive and negative. Making rewards and consequences the natural extensions of their behavior, rather than threats... Read More »

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Classroom Rewards & Consequences?

Classroom rewards and consequences are essential parts of classroom management, especially at the elementary school level. Teachers design a system to keep their classroom under control and running... Read More »

Middle Grade Classroom Consequences?

Middle school is a challenging time for students and for teachers. The best way to minimize the challenge, and provide some instructional effectiveness and efficiency, is to make behavioral expecta... Read More »

The Consequences of Bullying in Kindergarten- 3rd Grade?

Many children in the 5- to 9-year age group experience some teasing in school, but teasing becomes bullying when their classmates keep repeating themselves or purposely try to hurt their victims. I... Read More »

Consequences of Stealing a Paper for a Grade?

College can be challenging, leading many students to seek shortcuts. Stealing a paper, having someone else write it for you, or putting your name on something you have not written is called plagiar... Read More »