Reverse mount lens for dSLR?

Answer All you really need for reverse mount macro photography is a roll of tape and two lenses. You can determine magnification by dividing the focal length of the first lens by the focal length of the s... Read More »

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Will a chinon af zoom lens 28-70mm k ka kaf rk mount compatible fit a canon 1100d dslr?

The accelerometer inside the I-Pod touch uses three elements: a silicon mass, a set of silicon springs, and an electrical current. The silicon springs measure the position of the silicon mass by us... Read More »

I need to turn a minolta mount lens to fit a nikon mount?

Can't be done. Even if you could find an adaptor that would let you mount the converted lens, you'd lose the ability to focus to infinity, due to the extra distance from the sensor.You'd be bette... Read More »

Why another lens for dSLR?

As a photographer becomes more professional, you tend to want sharper more specific photos, the prime lenses have extremely shallow depth of field and can reproduce much sharper images than the 18-... Read More »

How to Attach a Lens to the Nikon DSLR?

To use your DSLR, you will need to change lens. You want to take care when you do in order to preserve the life of your camera and lenses. Read this article to learn how.