Retirement Income and Social Security?

Answer Budgeting for retirement can be difficult whether you're at retirement age or still early in your career. It's difficult to see where you'll be in your career many years in the future, how much you... Read More »

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Is Social Security taxed if your only income is military retirement?

Whether your Social Security benefits are taxed depends on your total income. If your military retirement and Social Security benefits exceed the annual limits for Social Security benefits being co... Read More »

Are social security retirement benefits taxable income?

According to the U.S. Government, Social Security benefits may be taxable if you file your taxes as an individual with above $25,000 of 'combined income'. If you are married and filing jointly, you... Read More »

Is Social Security tax& Medicare withheld from retirement income?

Social Security and Medicare taxes are not withheld from retirement income because those two taxes only apply to earned income. The Internal Revenue Service does not consider retirement income, inc... Read More »

Does a person's retirement income affect their Social Security benefits?

Earnings after reaching full retirement age do not impact social security benefits. Prior to full retirement, however, earnings above a pre-determined annual limit reduce your benefits by $1 for ev... Read More »