Retainers making my teeth worse?

Answer My suggestion to you is go to your orthodontist they can tell what the problem is:)

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Will my retainers straighten my teeth back to normal?

Your teeth must really be prone to moving if you have permanent retainers and there was still movement so it is very important that you don't neglect wearing them or one day it will be too late and... Read More »

I havent worn my retainers in 5 months and my teeth have moved...?

If the retainer still fits after 5 months, then yes. It'll hurt, but they'll go back. If it just doesn't fit, and you want them straight, you'll need braces again.

I stopped wearing my retainers for a couple of months now and the retainers are cracked what do I do?

If they're cracked, you should go to the orthodontist and get fitted for a new set. Wearing broken retainers is just as bad as not wearing them at all. Forcing them in isn't good either since they ... Read More »

Would you suggest vivera clear retainers or traditional metal retainers?

You don't have to brush the Invisalign trays. Here is the easy and best way to clean them. Get denture cleaner tablets. In a small bowl, fill with warm tap water, put in trays and add one tablet... Read More »