Retail Customer Incentive Ideas?

Answer In the competitive world of retailing, a constant challenge is to keep people coming to your store and buying more merchandise while there. To aid you in your quest, a variety of ideas for customer... Read More »

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How to Improve Customer Service in Retail?

Numerous websites on the internet provide the average person with the opportunity to rant and rave about their horrible customer-service experience at retail shops and stores. Customer service has ... Read More »

Customer Service Rep Job Description for Retail?

Customer service representatives are an important part of the retail industry, providing a direct link to the needs and concerns of the customer. In retail, the customer service representative's ma... Read More »

Importance of Customer Service in Retail?

Even though discount department stores, dollar stores and customer-membership stores have replaced the old-fashioned department store, these establishments have to do more than provide lower prices... Read More »

Goal Incentive Ideas?

Sales goals are based on the company's annual budget. The company figures out how much revenue it would take to break even, then the percentage growth it would like to see. Incentives are good ways... Read More »