Resveratrol for Cancer in Dogs?

Answer Resveratrol is an antioxidant that may help prevent and treat cancer. Laboratory testing of the compound on animals turned up benefits that have been harnessed in pill form. Resveratrol pills have ... Read More »

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Leg Cancer in Dogs?

Dogs, like humans, can develop leg cancer, causing sudden lameness and difficulty walking or jumping. The affected leg may become brittle and fracture easily because of the tumor in the bone, makin... Read More »

How to Help Dogs With Cancer?

Much like humans, dogs can be affected by cancer of the bones, skin and organs. One of the earliest signs of cancer in a dog is loss of appetite. This will be followed by a dramatic loss in weight ... Read More »

Causes of Cancer in Dogs?

Cancer is a "multifactorial" disease, meaning that there is not one single cause, according to the ASPCA. Diet and hereditary are two major causes of canine cancer, but some dogs develop cancer as ... Read More »

Cancer in Old Dogs?

It may seem intrinsically unfair that your beloved canine companion, who has a short enough life span as it is, and who has never done anything but love you unconditionally, is now facing a battle ... Read More »