Results of a prank call?

Answer It is possible they can track you. But since their we're no threat made they cannot arrest you. They may question you. But if she knew this was a prank more than likely they aren't going to worry a... Read More »

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How to Play the "No Results" Google Prank?

Do you want to prank your friends/coworkers using Google? Here is a URL trick which makes it appear as though there are no results for a search term, and it baffles anyone who doesn't know about it... Read More »

I need to prank call a guy help?

tell his girlfriend to tell him that she changed her # and instead give him the rejection hotline just go online to the website to find the #or just choose an old song and constantly call him using... Read More »

How to Prank Call Someone You Know?

stewie prank callHave you ever tried to prank call your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, sibling, or cousin but they immediately figured out it was you? Here's the guide so that it will never happen a... Read More »

When u prank call...?

I've never done it but my brother and his friends would look in the phone book for someone with the last name of Whitehead. They would call and ask for Mr. or Mrs. Blackhead and when the person sai... Read More »