Restaurant in chicago they give you white hats and you draw on them.?

Answer I have no clue... but I'd really like to know! Would be worth the money to fly there just to color on the hat! Been to places that hose you down with the fountain drink hose for being stupid... a... Read More »

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My daughters are going to art camp next week. Will the counselors to give them smacks when they need them?

Well they did at my camp. Real old fashioned over the knee spankings for bad girls.Turned my disobedient bottom bright red. It was so painful...and humiliating.

At an Indian restaurant, they had large crystals of sugar: Where can I get them?

You can get them at indian shops - i cant remember the name but you can get them in big bags and small bags, and theyre normally eaten with cardamom pods to give a fresh feeling in your mouth. Go a... Read More »

I have many old printers. Do they have value to anyone Must I dump them Can't I give them to someone?

Donate them to a school or Good will and get a tax write off, it willb e more than selling them

Good restaurant for chicken in the chicago land area or south suburbs of Chicago?

If you want different stay out of chains. I use Fodor to help me make good choices…