Restaurant Tipping?

Answer I always give between 15-20% way, I go about is to look at the number of the total bill with tax and all and DOUBLE, if the amount is 23.56...I will leave 4.00 dollars...31.6... Read More »

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Restaurant tipping 15% gratuity is it a must Do I have to Pay?

yes, you have to, just like if the price of your steak is $20, you pay 20, not 10

Have ever left a restaurant without tipping the waiter?

I always tip the waiter if there is one. Even at Denny's and stuff I leave a dollar or something at the table...they get really horrible wages sometimes I know. So I leave money, even if it's a sma... Read More »


At a sit down restaurant where they take your order and serve you, it is customary to leave 15 to 20% (before tax). You can leave more or less depending upon the level of service.Fast food: nothin... Read More »

Cow Tipping Facts?

It is hotly debated among cow-interested circles whether cow tipping is real or simply an urban legend. Both sides have presented supporting evidence in scientific and anecdotal form. The real ques... Read More »