Responsibility of Executive Secretary?

Answer Executive secretaries provide advanced administrative services for a company. They also typically provide administrative support to top executives within the organization. Contrary to popular belie... Read More »

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What is an executive secretary?

A company's executives--typically its top-ranking officers--have numerous responsibilities to complete on a daily basis. Executive secretaries perform clerical and information management tasks, all... Read More »

What Is the Responsibility of the Secretary of State?

The U.S. Secretary of State is the highest ranking member of the cabinet and fourth in succession for the presidency. The President, with the support and agreement of the Senate, appoints the Secr... Read More »

Job Descriptions For An Executive Secretary?

The role of the executive secretary has changed over the years and includes much more involvement in work typically performed by executives and management staff. The executive secretary provides su... Read More »

The Job Responsibilities of an Executive Secretary?

Executive secretaries play a key role and provide high level administrative support for offices and top company officials. They perform fewer routine clerical tasks than other secretaries and serve... Read More »