Responsibilities of a Condo Board of Directors?

Answer A condominium, condo for short, is a multi-unit residential or commercial structure in which each unit is owned individually. The common areas of the structure such as public hallways and grounds a... Read More »

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The Primary Responsibilities of a Board of Directors for a Band?

Many bands, orchestras and ensembles have boards of directors who are in control of business decisions. A board of directors can include members with a variety of titles. Each board member has spec... Read More »

Is a condo association required to have a board of directors?

If the association is a corporation -- and in most states, this is true: associations are usually non-profit corporations, the state may require that the corporation have a board of directors. With... Read More »

How to Remove a Condo Association Board of Directors?

A condominium or homeowners association acts on behalf of a group of homeowners and should always act in the interests of the group, attending to all matters relating to the complex, both effective... Read More »

Why would they want to bond you if your sitting in the board of directors for a condo association?

The condominium association is (usually) a not-for-profit corporation, and as such, when you accept a seat on the board as a corporate officer, you accept co-responsibility for a multi-million doll... Read More »