Responsibilities of Praise & Worship Teams?

Answer A church praise and worship teams lead the congregation in song during weekly services and other gatherings. The team may include a full choir and a full band or just a handful of singers and music... Read More »

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How to Praise and Worship God?

Do you love the Lord Our God, but, do not know the right way to worship Him? Do you want a profound adoration of the Almighty, and not a mere reverence for Him? Then get to know what worship actual... Read More »

What is praise&worship music?

Praise and worship music is an integral part of many Christian worship services. Whether led by a robed choir or a contemporary band, it aims to lift the hearts and minds of worshippers to God in p... Read More »

Tips For Leading Praise and Worship?

Before you commit to being a praise and worship leader, consider how you live. In order to transition a church congregation from singing to true godly worship, you must dedicate yourself to the lif... Read More »

How to Make Flags for Praise & Worship?

Using flags in a worship service is a way to praise God by literally raising a banner to Him and His glory. Some Christian churches will raise flags while singing or dancing during a worship servic... Read More »