Respectful Ways to Study Different Cultures?

Answer The world is a diverse place, with many different people and customs. If you wish to learn about other cultures of the world, it is important to proceed with caution: the lives of other people are ... Read More »

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How have the uses of scientific developments may be different in different cultures?

In my opinion absolutely not. There are too many great features and amazing things you can do with it for me to explain to you on this website. I suggest to ask a friend that has the iphone if you ... Read More »

What Scientists Study Past Cultures?

Scientists who study past cultures are called anthropologists. The basic principle of anthropology is to study human nature as a whole by examining the cultures and customs of past and present soci... Read More »

How to Accept Different Cultures and Beliefs?

In a world where a multitude of cultures and beliefs often intermingle, it's important to overcome prejudices, preconceptions and misconceptions about people of other societies. When you find your... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Different Cultures?

The United States is home to many different cultures. Educators are called on to promote and teach tolerance of all cultural ideas and practices. Increased comprehension of cultural nuances in soci... Read More »