Resources for Learning Hindi Language?

Answer Hindi is a direct descendant of Sanskrit and spoken by about 490 million people in India, the United States, South Africa, Nepal and many other countries. Hindi 's syllabic language, called Devanag... Read More »

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Free Spanish Language Learning Resources?

Spanish is becoming an increasingly important language in America. Being able to speak it could improve your employment opportunities or help you make new friends. When learning a language, it is e... Read More »

What language was most commonly used in India when Hindi became the official language in 1965?

Information from the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Linguistics explains that prior to Hindi becoming India's official language, English was spoken in all of India's regions. Because ma... Read More »

How to Write in the Hindi Language?

Hindi is India's official language and falls under the Indo-Aryan family of languages. It uses the Devanagari alphabet in its writing. To learn how to write Hindi you must first endeavor to learn ... Read More »

How many words are in the Hindi language?

About 40 percent of the population of India speaks Hindi and the base language boasts about 120,000 words. Hindi is among the nation's 18 official languages and it has more than 10 dialects.Referen... Read More »