Resistors help?

Answer No -- the value of the resistor is very important for correct operation of the electronics.Try for SMD resistors or go to Fry's if you have one nearby.

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Who invented resistors?

Otis F. Boykin invented the electrical resistor and patented it on Feb. 21, 1961. He invented a total of 28 electronic devices with commercial as well as military applications. Among them are the p... Read More »

How do I check for bad resistors?

Disable the CurrentUnplug and turn off the device that has the resistor to prevent current from flowing through it. If current is flowing while you are testing it, you may receive incorrect results... Read More »

How to Install V-LED Resistors? is an after-market supplier of vehicle LED light bulbs and accessories. When replacing your vehicle's conventional turn signal, marker and/or brake with higher intensity and longer lasti... Read More »

How do I read resistors?

Observe the colored bands on the resistor. Resistors are color-coded with four bands to indicate their resistance in ohms. The first two bands indicate numbers, the third is a multiplier (power of ... Read More »