Residential RV Parks in Southern California?

Answer An RV, or recreational vehicle, park is a place for cross-country travelers to safely park their RVs for the night. A park can range from a few parking spaces with access to electricity to a full r... Read More »

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Where is the Vanderbilt mine in California located What were they mining and how bigg was that tunnel out at Vanderbilt in the New York Mountains in Southern California?

How many parks are in Disneyland in California?

Disneyland includes two theme parks: Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure Park. Several other attractions make up the Disneyland Resort, including a number of hotels and Downtown Disne... Read More »

Can i use metal detectors in california parks?

While it is legal to pass a metal detector over the ground at California State Parks, people may not pry or dig out any object that the detector may find if it disturbs the animals, plants, geologi... Read More »

Are there any trailer parks in los angeles or california?

They are all over, and yes they are mostly old people or white trash and in outlying regions away from major cities and the coast. They are called Mobile Homes Parks not Trailer Parks. Redo your se... Read More »