Reset default printer settings?

Answer you normally holds two buttons together but got to see the printer model and manufacturer

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How Do I Reset a Dell Printer to Default Settings?

Reset the printerInsert the USB cable from the Dell printer into the USB slot in the computer. Click "Start" Type "UAN" into the Search field. Open the "UAN" folder and click the "System Utilities"... Read More »

How do I reset all my PC settings to default, and will that help?

click start -> run type-> msconfig -> hit enter select normal start up apply changes => reboot

How would you reset settings to default on a Blackberry Curve?

Menu, options, security options, general settings, hit the menu button again and choose wipe handheld.

How to Reset Windows Picture & Fax Viewer to the Default Settings?

Many Windows users find that after installing a third-party image viewing program, it becomes the default program used to view image files. In many of these cases, the user may have installed the t... Read More »