Research on Tax Problems With S Corporations?

Answer S Corporations are "flow through" entities, or corporations whose incomes are taxed at the shareholder level. This is done to avoid the double taxation most corporations face. As a result of the n... Read More »

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Problems With Specialty Merchandise Corporations and Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a way for small businesses to keep their operating costs low by selling products that are stored and shipped by a drop shipping company. This enables a small business to save on st... Read More »

Problems With Primary Vs. Secondary Research?

Primary research refers to research that is done from scratch. In other words, researchers are in the field gathering information for the first time --- raw data. Secondary research consists of min... Read More »

Problems With Writing a Research Paper?

A research paper helps students develop the real-world skills of critical thinking, organization and meeting of deadlines. Essays also allow students to be creative and to share ideas. However, man... Read More »

How do I approach corporations with business proposals?

Partnering with or acquiring a corporation as a client can result in a lucrative contract unavailable when working directly with the public. The trouble is, selling to a corporation is very differe... Read More »