Research on Learning Styles in Mathematics?

Answer Many children begin to struggle with mathematics at a young age. Math teachers often use a traditional curriculum that includes memorization of basic math facts and a standard method of solving pro... Read More »

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Quantitative Research on Learning Styles of Children?

Researchers have identified three learning styles that children use to process new information. Visual learners need to look at pictures or read to comprehend new concepts; auditory learners need t... Read More »

Computer & Mathematics Research Topics?

The computer revolution is far from over. There are some interesting projects in research labs today that promise faster, larger and more useful computers in the future. Multivalued logic will make... Read More »

How to Overcome Barriers to Learning in Mathematics?

Barriers to learning mathematics include difficulties in learning written symbols and problems understanding mathematical concepts. (See Reference 2) Other barriers include difficulty transferring ... Read More »

Teaching Styles & Learning Styles in Elementary School?

Children acquire information in many different ways. These learning styles can be grouped into four categories: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and sociological learners. Teachers can present lesson... Read More »