Research on Elementary School Children Activities?

Answer There has been extensive research carried out concerning what activities are beneficial for elementary school children. It has been established that apart from the basic academic skills such as mat... Read More »

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Elementary Activities for Japanese Children's Day?

Kodomo no Hi, or Children's Day, is a a Japanese holiday originally called Boy's Day (Tango no Sekku). It's celebrated on May 5, and features crafts and all kinds of outdoor activities. Children's ... Read More »

Sponge Activities for Elementary Children?

Have you ever had one of those days when your lesson plans go so smoothly that suddenly you're left with extra time left over? When the kids ask "can we just play?" you may wish to say yes, but why... Read More »

Conservation Activities & Elementary Children?

When children visit a zoo or aquarium, they may enjoy seeing the lions, giraffes and monkeys, or sharks and jellyfish. However, trips to these institutions can introduce children to wildlife conser... Read More »

Insect Crafts & Activities for Elementary Children?

Many children are intrigued by ladybugs, beetles, spiders, butterflies, fireflies and other insects. They love to touch them, catch them, study them and turn them into miniature pets. They will ply... Read More »