Research Topics on English Literature?

Answer Choosing a research topic on English literature requires careful consideration because you can focus on many topics. Decide whether you will choose an era of English literature, a group of writers ... Read More »

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Research Paper Topics on Literature?

In the course of your college education, you will most likely be assigned a research paper in a literature course. Your available options for topics will vary depending on the course content, but o... Read More »

Literature-Based Research Paper Topics?

Many people hear the word "literature" as a lofty level of achievement. The word refers not only to documents in the scientific and medical arenas, but more commonly to books that were once or now ... Read More »

How to Research English Literature?

To research English literature, begin with general encyclopedias that give a broad overview of your topic. As you progress with your research paper, use more specific encyclopedias, books, periodic... Read More »

Researchable Topics on English Literature?

Writing an English essay can be a fascinating journey of discovery when you have a good topic. A good topic is one that deals with a serious work of literature, engages your own curiosity and featu... Read More »