Research Based Math Activities for First Grade?

Answer First graders are entering a period of their life where they are inquisitive and eager to express their creativity. Frequently this is the first full time school year, the first time students star... Read More »

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Literature Based First Grade Math Activities?

While many think of math and literature as two wholly unrelated subjects, this does not have to be the case. By mixing subjects and creating cross-curricular activities, you can show your pupils th... Read More »

Research Based Practices in Math Teaching?

Mathematics is one of the core subjects students are taught in school. As mathematics becomes more important in everyday life, professional educators are conducting research to determine the most e... Read More »

Research Based Math Manipulative Strategies?

The use of manipulatives in math teaching is based, in part, on the work of Jean Piaget, a noted figure from the constructivist school of thought in developmental psychology. According to Piaget, h... Read More »

Research-Based Ways to Memorize Math Facts?

A mnemonic is any mental device that helps you memorize a particular piece of information. Mnemonics is derived from the word "Mnemosyne," the Greek goddess of memory. Most of us have used mnemonic... Read More »