Requirements for an Anatomy Lab's Audio Visual System?

Answer Anatomy labs can provide a challenging environment for audio and visual (A/V) systems installation, integration and operation. Many teaching institutions find that an A/V system can greatly enhance... Read More »

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How can you manipulate the system audio volume through Visual Basic 2008 .NET?

There are several web sites with examples available for downloading and/or copying. Just do a quick Google search with the following keywords: vb .net system volume control You will get many lin... Read More »

System Requirements for Visual Studio 2008 Express?

Visual Studio Express 2008 provides developers with the tools needed to create website and desktop applications. The Studio Express edition is a lightweight solution that is freely distributed by M... Read More »

I have an older home theater system that has L/R audio in, but my new tv has 5.1 optical audio out.?

Well your old home theater system if all it has is analog left and right inputs (which doesn't make sense for a home theater system) it cant be surround sound. Surround sound is 5.1 separate chann... Read More »

What Are Audio-Visual Materials?

Audiovisual materials are instructional materials that present information to students in ways that do not involve the use of paper and pencil. Audiovisual materials are useful in instruction becau... Read More »