Requirements for Passing CT Emissions?

Answer The state of Connecticut is one that requires emissions testing on most cars in order to receive registration for the vehicle. It is a service that the vehicle owner must pay for. The owner is also... Read More »

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How to Pass Emissions?

Motor vehicles are one of the chief polluters in our society today and many steps have been taken to reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicular usage. Because of this, numerous cities and states ... Read More »

Causes of High NOx Emissions?

NOx (or nitrogen oxide) is a chemical in automotive exhaust that gets created when the temperature inside a vehicle engine's combustion chamber exceeds 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a pollutant t... Read More »

What Is the California Car Emissions Law?

An emissions test, or a smog test, is a tool used to measure the pollutant emissions of your engine, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Different states have varying regulations regardi... Read More »

How to Fix Emissions Problems On a Car?

Several emission control systems on your car engine help reduce the amount of poisonous gases that otherwise would be released into the atmosphere. In large quantities, hydrocarbons (HC), carbon mo... Read More »