Required Tools for an Engine Mount Replacement?

Answer The motor mounts in your car secure the engine and keep it from moving while you're driving. On rear-wheel drive cars, you will find the motor mounts on both sides of the engine, between the engine... Read More »

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How to Lube Upper Bolt for Strut Mount Replacement?

Disassembling the strut correctly is extremely important in the proper functioning of your vehicle's suspension system upon reassembly. Part of this disassembly will require the strut mounts to be ... Read More »

Ford Taurus Motor Mount Replacement Instructions?

Motor mounts play a critical role in ensuring that your car's engine and transmission remains fixed to your car's frame. When motor mounts wear out, your engine can separate, causing the engine to ... Read More »

What size screws are required to mount your rca tv?

RCA makes many models of televisions. We will need to know the model, or at least the size of your television in order to answer this question. Without this information, this question is akin to as... Read More »

What size screws are required to mount a 47 toshiba?

M8 (8 mm) x 15mm should work with these TV's. Make sure you use the spacers for the wall mounts if your TV was supplied with them.