Request for a Transfer to an IRA?

Answer Transferring assets from one retirement account into another Individual Retirement Account (IRA) involves moving assets from one custodian to another. Transfers are a tax-free exchange with the IRA... Read More »

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How do i submit a transfer request to Wilberforce University?

To submit a transfer request to Wilberforce University, potential applicants must complete the school's admissions application. That application, along with transcripts from the currently attended ... Read More »

Is a bank wire request&electronic fund transfer the same?

Bank wire requests and electronic fund transfers are different. A bank wire is processed through the Federal Reserve wire system and your bank must be a member of the Federal Reserve. An electronic... Read More »

Can homeowners association request for turnover or transfer of common facilities in the subdivision from the developer?

Every state has a different set of parameters that define when and how a developer turns over their project and its business to an owner-populated board. You can find these parameters in state law ... Read More »

What is the difference between a Request for Proposal and a Request for a Quotation?

Request for Proposals (RFPs) require that a bidder provide detailed information on their method and pricing for fulfilling a specific project. Responses are typically evaluated on the basis of a bi... Read More »