Replacing corrupted hard drive...installing Windows XP problems..?

Answer If too many files are copied to the root folder of a boot volume that uses the NTFS file system, you may receive the following error message the next time that you restart the computer:NTLDR is mis... Read More »

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How to fix a corrupted External Hard drive?

Hi,You can try Inbuilt data recovery software of OS if can't restore your lost data still go for the other solution just like you describe you used CMD Command for check disk and not got any respon... Read More »

How do i fix a corrupted external hard drive?

Try running this from the command prompt:chkdsk (letter of drive)Ex:chkdsk d:

How to Recover Deleted or Corrupted Files From the Hard Drive for Free?

Data recovery is made possible by the way computers store information. When a file is deleted or corrupted on a computer, the file remains intact, but the information that points to the file's loca... Read More »

How to fix a corrupted computer hard drive/BIOS/Start up programs?

This is NOT a drive problem., if you get no display during boot, the motherboard or CPU are more likely. ANY machine should show the post information during boot, even without a disk fitted. Thee a... Read More »