Replacing a Protege Window Regulator?

Answer Mazda Protegé window regulators perform the mechanical action necessary to open and close the power windows. Acted on by the power window motor, the regulator turns the torsional energy from the m... Read More »

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Replacing a Window Regulator?

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Replacing a Window Regulator for a '95 Mustang?

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How to Depressurize the Fuel Regulator in a Mazda Protege?

Relieving the fuel pressure in your Mazda Protege is essential if you are trying to replace a fuel system component such as a fuel regulator, fuel filter, fuel injector or fuel pump. The fuel syste... Read More »

Does a New Window Regulator Have Metal Regulator Arms?

The majority of newer vehicles today use electrically-driven power windows. A key part of the power window assembly, called a window regulator, requires structural strength for cushioning the windo... Read More »