Replacing a Light Fixture with Three Way Switches?

Answer Three-way lighting circuits are extremely complicated because of all the additional wires that you normally do not find in standard light circuits. For the inexperienced individual, looking inside ... Read More »

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What would prevent a light fixture from working when replacing a bulb?

1) dimmer worn out2) connections behind fixture are bad3) neutral gone bad4) POS fixture5) moistureGoodluckBe safe

Regular Light Switches Vs. Rocker Type Switches?

If you are building or renovating a house, you may be trying to decide between rocker-style light switches and traditional light switches. While both types will function similarly, there is a diff... Read More »

How do you get cover of dome ceiling light fixture to change light bulb?

It depends on the fixture. I have 4 types. One has screws on the outside of the metal frame, so you unscrew those and hold the glass bowl. Another has two big metal clips INSIDE the glass bowl. I h... Read More »

How do I change the light bulb in an outdoor light fixture?

Opening the FixtureGrip the base of the fixture and turn it counterclockwise to gain access to the light bulb if using a suspended fixture. Some suspended fixtures may require you to just unscrew a... Read More »