Replacing Engine Motor Mounts?

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How often do engine mounts need replacing on a 2001 Honda Accord?

Modern fluid-filled engine mounts typically last 60,000 to 80,000 miles or more, and with Honda's reputation for reliability, the ones on your 2001 Accord should last at least that long. Extreme co... Read More »

How to Replace Bravada Motor Engine Mounts?

Replacing motor mounts on your Oldsmobile Bravada will be very costly to your budget if you take it to a professional body shop to have this part replaced. Doing this job on your own is time-consum... Read More »

Replacing AC motor with Brushless DC Motor of equivalent rating.?

You're going the wrong way.Refrigeration equipment is hard to start.Brushless DC motors don't have as much starting torque as AC motors,which in turn don't have as much starting torque as brush-typ... Read More »

What are motor mounts?

A motor mount's job is simply to hold the engine in the vehicle, while transmitting as little of the engine's vibration to the chassis as possible. Methods of absorbing vibration vary, and there a... Read More »