Replacement of Master Cylinders in 1997 Chevy S10 Pickups?

Answer At the heart of the 1997 S10’s braking system is the master cylinder, a manually operated hydraulic pump. Just like a heart, the master cylinder pumps fluid through small channels. Instead of for... Read More »

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Troubleshooting Master Cylinders?

The master cylinder stores your vehicle's brake fluid, which is used to hydraulically operate the brake system by forcing the fluid to the brakes. If the master cylinder is defective or leaking, it... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between JB6 & JB7 Master Cylinders?

The JB6 and JB7 are two of the most common brakes of the many available to GM vehicles. There are some differences in the two models that you should consider before purchasing a replacement set.

How to Overhaul Master Cylinders?

The master cylinder is the pump that creates the pressure to be transferred to the individual wheels to stop a vehicle. The brake system is under tremendous pressure when the brake pedal is pushed... Read More »

How to Bleed Master Cylinders in Hondas?

Bleeding the master cylinder in Hondas is no different than other models with clutch systems, except that the manufacturer recommendation is to use Honda brand brake fluid. This may help avoid corr... Read More »