Replacement drive for Dell Deminsion 8110?

Answer As far as i can tell it is ide so any ide drive should fit fine, they are getting hard to find now and pricy…or there is the option of getting a sata to i... Read More »

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Does a Dell Dimension 8110 have an NIC card?

All Dell Dimension 8100 systems do not include network interface (NIC) cards. To see if your Dimension 8100 has a built-in NIC card, look on the back panel next to the USB ports. The port for a NIC... Read More »

How do i use my dell sk-8110 keyboard on my acer laptop?

Sorry Patrick but your incorrect.The USB - PS/2 adapters do not work on all PS/2 devices the way they work the other way around. A USB can be used in a PS/2 computer socket with an adapter but ther... Read More »

How do I Troubleshoot a Dell Dimension 8110 With a Celeron D Processor?

The Dell Dimension 8110 is a desktop computer that utilizes Intel Pentium 4 or Celeron D processors. If a Dell Dimension 8110 won't start, troubleshooting is in order. Fortunately, the Dell Dimensi... Read More »

How Do I Download My Dell 2350 Hard Drive for Windows XP Onto a Flash Drive?

Windows XP comes with its own backup utility. This program walks you through the process of backing up all of your data onto an external storage device. If you have a Dell 2350 desktop computer run... Read More »