Replaced heating element in electric water heater, still no hot water?

Answer if everything is connected properly - there should be a reset button somewhere by the thermostat. You may have to punch it.I'm sure that you've already flipped the panel switch? I don't mean to sou... Read More »

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How to Change a Heating Element in an Electric Water Heater?

Water heater elements turn on and off continually to maintain the proper heat required by the thermostat setting. Because of the constant flow of electricity through the element, they can burn out ... Read More »

How to Test a Whirpool Electric Water Heater Heating Element?

Heating elements are metal tubes that heat water in a water heater when electricity is provided to them. The lower heating element on a Whirlpool electric water heater has the responsibility of hea... Read More »

How to Replace Heating Element for a Reliance Electric Water Heater Rc02404524?

Water heaters are large storage tanks that hold water and heat it for you to use when you take a shower, wash the dishes or do your laundry. The water is heated by the element installed inside the ... Read More »

How do I know if a hot water heater element needs to be replaced?

Testing a Hot Water Heater ElementTest a water heater element to determine if it requires replacement. Turn off the power to the water heater at the breaker box. Remove the access panel to the elem... Read More »