Replace vista with xp?

Answer boot from the xp cd and then you get the option to not only format the disk, but delete the partition and then reformat it

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How to Replace Vista With XP?

Windows Vista is one of Microsoft's newer operating systems (preceded by XP and succeeded by 7). While this operating system has certain advantages over Windows XP, you may, for one reason or anoth... Read More »

How to Replace MSConfig From a CD for Vista?

The MSConfig tool has been included in all versions of Windows from XP forward, and is designed to help Windows users customize and configure the various tools, processes and startup procedures in ... Read More »

How To Uninstall Vista & Replace With XP?

Windows XP is an older version of Windows, and it will not install over Vista. If your hard drive is split into partitions, you can install XP on one partition and manually delete Windows Vista fro... Read More »

Can I replace Windows Vista with Linux?

On a technical level, you can certainly replace Windows Vista with Linux. However, according to APC Magazine, Linux has problems encoding MP3s and you may find a lack of support for certain pieces ... Read More »