Repetitive play - good or bad?

Answer Hi Vanessa.For whatever reason, this activity has really captured your son's attention. As another member mention, it is called a "stim," short for stimulation.Some stims can be ok when done for a... Read More »

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Repetitive Ear Infections?

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders says that 75 percent of children are diagnosed with an ear infection. Also referred to as otitis media, an ear infection occurs ... Read More »

How to Stop Repetitive Bad Memories?

Ever have that horrible memory that makes you feel like crawling under the furniture--this is no joke--maybe it is something that makes you shudder (It feels creepy!)--but it just jabs your mind in... Read More »

Is the Dr Phil show repetitive?

By its nature, the Dr. Phil show has to be repetitive. There are only so many topics available to the genre, so the material is shown in varying lights. Essentially, Dr. Phil highlights mental heal... Read More »

Why so many repetitive questions about swine flu?